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 jean Jan 1, 12:10 AM
thanks for joining all! i'm going to head to bed but you should be able to chat and add predictions until 2AM CST if you think of anything new :)
 jean Jan 1, 12:06 AM
i'm glad you did!
 emily Jan 1, 12:05 AM
yes hehe. waited to join till after my parents went to bed
 jean Jan 1, 12:05 AM
ah so you already got your midnight
 emily Jan 1, 12:05 AM
pa right now!
 jean Jan 1, 12:04 AM
emily are you on the east coast or in texas?
 jean Jan 1, 12:04 AM
 an Jan 1, 12:04 AM
 emily Jan 1, 12:04 AM
congrats central time zone!!
 jean Jan 1, 12:00 AM
happy new year to the midwest!
 jean Dec 31, 11:51 PM
liz's lent prediction definitely didn't get the love it deserved
 jean Dec 31, 11:50 PM
yeah backlash is very reliable
 liz Dec 31, 11:50 PM
discourse is predictable that way
 emily Dec 31, 11:50 PM
haha i have no personal therapy takes. i just think the trite "go to therapy" advice pendulum will swing hard the other direction
 liz Dec 31, 11:50 PM
ty emily!!
 emily Dec 31, 11:49 PM
i'm sure this has been talked about but i'm so with liz about lent
 jean Dec 31, 11:49 PM
i need to know why therapy is bad!
 jean Dec 31, 11:49 PM
emily you gotta drop the takes
 emily Dec 31, 11:48 PM
tip of the iceberg!!
 jean Dec 31, 11:46 PM
RE therapists:
 kalil Dec 31, 11:45 PM
time to get a tivo on ebay
 jean Dec 31, 11:45 PM
cable is definitely coming back in 2021
 liz Dec 31, 11:45 PM
hi emily!!
 emily Dec 31, 11:44 PM
 liz Dec 31, 11:44 PM
bess: good prediction!
 jean Dec 31, 11:43 PM
vive le quebec libre
 jean Dec 31, 11:43 PM
hi emily!!
 jean Dec 31, 11:02 PM
 liz Dec 31, 11:02 PM
happy new year philly friends!!!
 devan Dec 31, 11:01 PM
happy philly new year!!
 mslater Dec 31, 10:55 PM
 kalil Dec 31, 10:55 PM
university of rock!
 connie Dec 31, 10:47 PM
@an things are ok mushroom-wise now β€” sun hong foods in ca recalled enoki imported from korea but not really sure what's happened since!
 an Dec 31, 10:40 PM
i eat enoki mushrooms very often and this is the first im hearing about it...
 jean Dec 31, 10:40 PM
@connie oh i see this happened in the real world and not in animal crossing!
 connie Dec 31, 10:39 PM
@jean listeria outbreak in the spring w imported mushrooms :'-(
 amber Dec 31, 10:39 PM
@Nico's prediction of poppers shortage dovetails nicely with my pegging prediction
 jean Dec 31, 10:38 PM
@denali dental health is definitely in!
 jean Dec 31, 10:32 PM
i guess that's the question
 jean Dec 31, 10:32 PM
@connie what happened with the enoki mushrooms??
 jean Dec 31, 10:31 PM
wow @mslater great pitch for netflix parable of the sower
 liz Dec 31, 10:16 PM
 kalil Dec 31, 10:15 PM
speed or figure?
 liz Dec 31, 10:15 PM
I also would love to see roller skating in the olympics
 liz Dec 31, 10:15 PM
that one's really good
 amber Dec 31, 10:14 PM
@meg zodiac vitamins I'M IN
 amber Dec 31, 10:10 PM
!!!! i wish i had a vcr
 amber Dec 31, 10:10 PM
oh hehehe I found it :)
 kalil Dec 31, 10:10 PM
amber we have a huge collection of veggie tales vhs tapes here
 amber Dec 31, 10:10 PM
omg jean did you make a veggie tales prediction??
 mslater Dec 31, 10:09 PM
@jean oh WHERE is my HAIRBRUSH???
 jean Dec 31, 10:05 PM
connie these recalls are too real and i'm starting to get nervous
 mslater Dec 31, 10:03 PM
Connie came up with the chair part
 madeline Dec 31, 10:03 PM
@m !!!
 jean Dec 31, 10:02 PM
blue chair @m.... omg
 liz Dec 31, 9:57 PM
 an Dec 31, 9:57 PM
maybe kanye will be in the spaceX catastrophe
 zoe Dec 31, 9:57 PM
Hi sweet one <3 <3
 an Dec 31, 9:56 PM
@kalil o m g !
 liz Dec 31, 9:56 PM
also, hi Meg!!!
 liz Dec 31, 9:56 PM
@Eli: Kanye goes to space is a GREAT prediction
 liz Dec 31, 9:55 PM
I love that, Zoe
 kalil Dec 31, 9:55 PM
@an someone did make a myspace reboot!
 jean Dec 31, 9:55 PM
thank you @connie :~)
 zoe Dec 31, 9:54 PM
Ok this is a collab between Meg and childhood Zoe who referred to seltz as spicy water bless bb zoe
 liz Dec 31, 9:53 PM
also Zoe & Nico: spicy seltzer is a great idea!
 connie Dec 31, 9:53 PM
disco mode is inspired
 liz Dec 31, 9:52 PM
hi Connie!!
 devan Dec 31, 9:52 PM
 connie Dec 31, 9:52 PM
hello ... well i think this sums it up ... i have nothing to add
 zoe Dec 31, 9:50 PM
M Slater emotional fitness gyms!!!! how do i enroll please
 zoe Dec 31, 9:50 PM
Bean milk!!!!!!
 zoe Dec 31, 9:48 PM
Liz thin eyebrows !!!!!!
 zoe Dec 31, 9:48 PM
Marrow ...
 kalil Dec 31, 9:47 PM
for the meat seltz... maybe?
 bess Dec 31, 9:46 PM
Prediction: Kalil gives up vegetarianism
 zoe Dec 31, 9:46 PM
thank you kalil I also believe. Imagine: lamb. oyster.
 zoe Dec 31, 9:46 PM
omg ty
 jean Dec 31, 9:46 PM
let the record show that kalil is in favor of the meat seltzer
 jean Dec 31, 9:45 PM
also nico the real world remake is an excellent idea
 kalil Dec 31, 9:45 PM
i would love some savory seltzer flavors
 zoe Dec 31, 9:45 PM
Love you miss you
 jean Dec 31, 9:45 PM
amazing meg
 zoe Dec 31, 9:45 PM
yes bb it's time (this is meg)
 jean Dec 31, 9:45 PM
@zoe spicy seltzer!!!
 amber Dec 31, 9:43 PM
@bella FERGIE DIES omg i just spit
 zoe Dec 31, 9:43 PM
they paid 2k for a story !
 kalil Dec 31, 9:42 PM
 zoe Dec 31, 9:42 PM
damnnnn let me think. Is Connie on here? Alina was published in it in like 2017
 jean Dec 31, 9:42 PM
also hi meg nico and denali!!
 amber Dec 31, 9:42 PM
oh damn!
 jean Dec 31, 9:42 PM
what was it called??
 jean Dec 31, 9:42 PM
omg @zoe!!
 zoe Dec 31, 9:41 PM
Heloooo! Everyone. This is Meg (also Zoe, Denali, Nico) turns out amazon already HAD a lit mag Kalil you were right :-/
 eli Dec 31, 9:39 PM
Remote control bidet for a more accurate experience
 an Dec 31, 9:39 PM
thought about a recall with "the mirror" but peleton makes muchhhhh more sense
 jean Dec 31, 9:38 PM
@amber i'm so glad :)
 jean Dec 31, 9:38 PM
@eli does the squatty potty throne include a bidet?
 amber Dec 31, 9:38 PM
jean thank you so much for doing this it's so fun!!
 bea Dec 31, 9:38 PM
peleton recall is so good
 amber Dec 31, 9:38 PM
oh yeah jean that was definitely an optimistic prediction
 eli Dec 31, 9:37 PM
Idk it’s just like bowling balls kind of give me the creeps
 bea Dec 31, 9:37 PM
hi !!
 jean Dec 31, 9:36 PM
also @amber i love this coworking space squatters prediction... if only
 jean Dec 31, 9:36 PM
eli are bowling balls illegal because of germs?
 eli Dec 31, 9:36 PM
 amber Dec 31, 9:35 PM
 jean Dec 31, 9:35 PM
nic cage and tony fauci need to do a deal on their onlyfans
 madeline Dec 31, 9:35 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 9:35 PM
eli what!?
 jean Dec 31, 9:35 PM
 liz Dec 31, 9:35 PM
hi Eli!!!
 liz Dec 31, 9:28 PM
 amber Dec 31, 9:27 PM
OMG clark park larper scabies outbreak has me CACKLING
 an Dec 31, 9:26 PM
mcRib prediction is incredible
 amber Dec 31, 9:22 PM
@M i had to google to see if it already happened
 mslater Dec 31, 9:21 PM
@amber omggggg
 an Dec 31, 9:20 PM
west elm already sells dd... :( but maybe they could make affordable line with ikea!
 liz Dec 31, 9:18 PM
 mslater Dec 31, 9:18 PM
😩 anything cheaper than their current prices!
 liz Dec 31, 9:17 PM
M!!! Dusen Dusen IKEA is so good
 liz Dec 31, 9:15 PM
ty devan
 devan Dec 31, 9:15 PM
I would absolutely watch both a spy kids remake and a twilight spin-off TV series
 an Dec 31, 9:12 PM
 amber Dec 31, 9:12 PM
look i have inside info with the sex lives of young ppl is all i'm saying
 mslater Dec 31, 9:11 PM
omg! @devan
 amber Dec 31, 9:11 PM
 jean Dec 31, 9:11 PM
amber bravely breaking the silence on pegging predictions
 an Dec 31, 9:11 PM
berkshire Hathaway*
 devan Dec 31, 9:10 PM
tinder has a video chatting feature now!
 an Dec 31, 9:10 PM
reminded me that Amazon, Berkshire Health, and JPMorgan Chase (ABC) started a health care venture in 2018...
 amber Dec 31, 9:09 PM
that one is so good I thought it already existed
 mslater Dec 31, 9:09 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 9:09 PM
oo i love tinder video chatting @m
 jean Dec 31, 9:09 PM
google health insurance is too dang real
 liz Dec 31, 9:07 PM
 amber Dec 31, 9:06 PM
lol sorry took me a bit to get my bearings
 amber Dec 31, 9:06 PM
 liz Dec 31, 9:05 PM
I haven't watched the paris hilton doc yet, but want to!
 jean Dec 31, 9:05 PM
hi amber!!
 liz Dec 31, 9:05 PM
 an Dec 31, 9:04 PM
hi amber!
 an Dec 31, 9:04 PM
omg, i didnt even know about this!
 bella Dec 31, 9:04 PM
be prepared for legit heartbreak but i loved it
 bella Dec 31, 9:03 PM
omg you gotta watch the paris hilton doc on youtube
 an Dec 31, 9:03 PM
wait, can someone link me to explian the paris hilton one for me?
 bella Dec 31, 9:03 PM
it's ok! she's the funny one in print anyway
 jean Dec 31, 9:03 PM
and hi trev!! give us your hot natural wine predictions
 liz Dec 31, 9:02 PM
put it on a post-it!
 jean Dec 31, 9:02 PM
also i can make alexis an account if you want! πŸ˜‚
 jean Dec 31, 9:02 PM
oh wow bella
 liz Dec 31, 9:02 PM
 bella Dec 31, 9:02 PM
ok this is bella - paris hilton gets together with her runaway best friend dyke from terror camp
 mslater Dec 31, 9:01 PM
 an Dec 31, 9:01 PM
hi trev!
 heather Dec 31, 9:01 PM
m omfg your glossier predict
 an Dec 31, 9:01 PM
OMG LMAO re: john k
 liz Dec 31, 9:01 PM
hi trevor!
 an Dec 31, 9:01 PM
maybe her career is too young?
 liz Dec 31, 9:00 PM
bella/alexis: your john krasinski post!!!
 madeline Dec 31, 9:00 PM
trevor says "hi! from, trevor"
 liz Dec 31, 8:59 PM
thee baby
 liz Dec 31, 8:59 PM
an: meg thee stallion baby!!!
 heather Dec 31, 8:55 PM
ok haven't had hoptea but heard good things. been having """athletic brewing company""" IPA terrible brand name but it's rly good
 liz Dec 31, 8:55 PM
I think we're gonna see a lot of good non-alc bev innovation this year
 mslater Dec 31, 8:55 PM
@heather my dad loves st. pauli girl
 bella Dec 31, 8:55 PM
ooh which ones? have you had hoptea?
 liz Dec 31, 8:55 PM
oooh interestinggg
 heather Dec 31, 8:54 PM
there are some rly good ones............
 heather Dec 31, 8:54 PM
ok me and hannah have been going hard on the NA beers lately
 liz Dec 31, 8:54 PM
omg heather I can just see the non-alc craft beers...
 heather Dec 31, 8:53 PM
 jean Dec 31, 8:53 PM
alan cummings and tony shaloub didn't have to grace us with such powerful performances in a kid's movie
 liz Dec 31, 8:52 PM
including Tony Shaloub
 liz Dec 31, 8:52 PM
I want a spy kids sequel that brings back the entire original cast
 an Dec 31, 8:52 PM
honestly i dont really remember other than having slightly more energy
 liz Dec 31, 8:52 PM
@jean: spy kids remake!!!!
 bella Dec 31, 8:51 PM
what does it feel like??
 heather Dec 31, 8:51 PM
fuck i miss king spa
 an Dec 31, 8:51 PM
i was 14
 madeline Dec 31, 8:51 PM
omg @an!!
 heather Dec 31, 8:51 PM
holy shit
 madeline Dec 31, 8:51 PM
the oxygen room at King spa...
 liz Dec 31, 8:51 PM
 liz Dec 31, 8:51 PM
maybe they will make a comeback...
 an Dec 31, 8:51 PM
i went to an oxygen bar at a six flags once
 heather Dec 31, 8:51 PM
yessss wow
 an Dec 31, 8:51 PM
wow true
 liz Dec 31, 8:51 PM
remember oxygen bars?
 liz Dec 31, 8:50 PM
 heather Dec 31, 8:50 PM
i'm ready too
 heather Dec 31, 8:50 PM
i think people are gonna be into More Oxygen In Their Bodies
 liz Dec 31, 8:50 PM
wow ty, an!
 liz Dec 31, 8:50 PM
ready for CPAPs to be sexy
 an Dec 31, 8:50 PM
@liz, your lent, tiffany pollard, and tiffany trump predicitons havent gotten a lot of time, but they are great!
 liz Dec 31, 8:50 PM
wow Heather!
 bella Dec 31, 8:48 PM
we don't know, but shonda has said she won't continue without ellen pompeo
 madeline Dec 31, 8:47 PM
i googled it :)
 madeline Dec 31, 8:46 PM
is the season on right now the last one?
 madeline Dec 31, 8:46 PM
wow- @bella very good!
 bella Dec 31, 8:45 PM
 liz Dec 31, 8:45 PM
excellent Grey's prediction!!
 liz Dec 31, 8:45 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 8:44 PM
yessss same
 jean Dec 31, 8:43 PM
@mad i would love for a bunch of trans masc actors to play him at different points in life a la i'm not there
 bella Dec 31, 8:42 PM
ok thanbk u
 jean Dec 31, 8:42 PM
@alexis i think you should go for it
 madeline Dec 31, 8:42 PM
or some amzaing new actor makes their debut
 bella Dec 31, 8:42 PM
i kind of want to make a grey's anatomy prediction but idk if anyone else watches that show
 madeline Dec 31, 8:41 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 8:41 PM
 jean Dec 31, 8:41 PM
elliot page mayb?
 madeline Dec 31, 8:41 PM
 jean Dec 31, 8:40 PM
zach should get royalties
 liz Dec 31, 8:40 PM
who will play Lou....?
 madeline Dec 31, 8:40 PM
i want it!! <3
 liz Dec 31, 8:40 PM
mad, yes I love it!
 jean Dec 31, 8:40 PM
@mad lou sullivan biopic yes!!!
 liz Dec 31, 8:37 PM
too real πŸ˜”
 an Dec 31, 8:37 PM
oh god
 jean Dec 31, 8:36 PM
@an amazon pharmacy exists!!
 jean Dec 31, 8:34 PM
bring on the subway crispy chicken sandwich, i'm ready
 an Dec 31, 8:30 PM
im sadly not surprised..
 jean Dec 31, 8:29 PM
i can't believe it didn't happen
 an Dec 31, 8:29 PM
lol, if not, there's always next year
 jean Dec 31, 8:29 PM
@an ru paul was SO close to getting canceled for fracking
 jean Dec 31, 8:28 PM
maybe this will be our year
 bella Dec 31, 8:28 PM
she's a true athlete
 jean Dec 31, 8:28 PM
every year i predict that woody allen will die and every year it doesn't happen :(
 bea Dec 31, 8:27 PM
@bella i'm trying to predict it into the world!
 an Dec 31, 8:27 PM
 liz Dec 31, 8:27 PM
 liz Dec 31, 8:27 PM
also had to show jean the video of Fergie doing cartwheels
 jean Dec 31, 8:25 PM
just got to the part where steph curry starts laughing omg
 bella Dec 31, 8:24 PM
i would love to see an OF union
 bella Dec 31, 8:23 PM
take the bass for a walk
 bella Dec 31, 8:23 PM
my MY
 bella Dec 31, 8:23 PM
it's so jazzy
 jean Dec 31, 8:23 PM
brb youtubing it
 liz Dec 31, 8:22 PM
 bella Dec 31, 8:22 PM
 an Dec 31, 8:22 PM
sorry big fan over here, her national anthem rendition still gives me chills
 madeline Dec 31, 8:22 PM
 an Dec 31, 8:21 PM
fergie is going to out live us all
 bella Dec 31, 8:20 PM
wtf didn't know aubrey plaza was not already out
 an Dec 31, 8:18 PM
wow i wish disney would fold
 jean Dec 31, 8:18 PM
@bella you're not the first don't worry πŸ˜…
 bella Dec 31, 8:18 PM
oops meant to submit lmfao
 liz Dec 31, 8:17 PM
that's the future liberals want
 bella Dec 31, 8:17 PM
disney bankrupt
 liz Dec 31, 8:17 PM
trans ave is the new sesame street
 an Dec 31, 8:17 PM
lol, trans ave
 jean Dec 31, 8:17 PM
trans wave*
 jean Dec 31, 8:17 PM
i love the specificity of willem defoe in the trans ave
 jean Dec 31, 8:16 PM
 liz Dec 31, 8:14 PM
also M: yes to the Glossier seltzer! it will probably have CBD in it...
 liz Dec 31, 8:14 PM
@Devan: I just saaw your Ben Affleck one! so good
 bella Dec 31, 8:13 PM
 liz Dec 31, 8:13 PM
 an Dec 31, 8:13 PM
hi alexis and bella !
 jean Dec 31, 8:13 PM
hi alexis!!
 bella Dec 31, 8:13 PM
this is alexis posting as bella
 jean Dec 31, 8:13 PM
@mslater every person deserves to own their own concept clothing boutique
 mslater Dec 31, 8:11 PM
let me find it!!
 liz Dec 31, 8:08 PM
post the link in the chat!
 jean Dec 31, 8:07 PM
@mslater no but please share!!
 an Dec 31, 8:07 PM
wow, can i have info on that also actually?
 mslater Dec 31, 8:07 PM
@jean did I send you the info on the start-up about ritual cremation ?
 jean Dec 31, 8:05 PM
e-funeral startups is dark but true @mslater :(
 jean Dec 31, 8:05 PM
i never knew female cardinals were so beautiful!
 madeline Dec 31, 8:05 PM
yesss love IDing feamle birds
 madeline Dec 31, 8:04 PM
honestly..... i wouldn't be surprised if it was! prob not though
 liz Dec 31, 8:03 PM
(I have spotted some female birds this week)
 liz Dec 31, 8:03 PM
mad, is the feminist birding club canceled???
 mslater Dec 31, 8:02 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 8:02 PM
(i am lol)
 an Dec 31, 8:02 PM
i was like... the world cant be that small
 madeline Dec 31, 8:02 PM
i have some mixed feelings about the feminist bird club TBH
 jean Dec 31, 8:02 PM
who is part of a feminist birding club!
 jean Dec 31, 8:02 PM
@mslater that one is in honor of @madeline :)
 mslater Dec 31, 8:02 PM
feminist birding !!!!!
 jean Dec 31, 8:00 PM
we can only hope lightfoot won't run
 liz Dec 31, 8:00 PM
also @an: I'm trying to manifest Lori resigning!!
 bea Dec 31, 7:57 PM
it's happening
 jean Dec 31, 7:57 PM
(for forced labor reasons to be clear)
 liz Dec 31, 7:57 PM
everything except Tony Chocolonely
 jean Dec 31, 7:57 PM
lots of foods on deck to get canceled imo
 jean Dec 31, 7:57 PM
@bea chocolate is canceled...... yes
 an Dec 31, 7:56 PM
 liz Dec 31, 7:56 PM
you gotta manifest CPAC into existence
 an Dec 31, 7:56 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 7:56 PM
 jean Dec 31, 7:55 PM
@an i'm here for the optimism of cpac getting passed
 jean Dec 31, 7:55 PM
 an Dec 31, 7:54 PM
wait, thats my prediction. myspace and xanga reboot
 an Dec 31, 7:53 PM
that would actually be amazing. im very into a myspace return
 jean Dec 31, 7:49 PM
all social media converge on myspace circa 2006
 an Dec 31, 7:47 PM
singularity is actually just only having one social media platform
 mslater Dec 31, 7:46 PM
everything will merge into one terrible thing
 jean Dec 31, 7:45 PM
i feel like at this point guessing that all social media platforms will copy other ones is a good bet
 jean Dec 31, 7:45 PM
i added "linkedin adds stories" in response
 mslater Dec 31, 7:45 PM
thx jean :)
 jean Dec 31, 7:44 PM
@mslater i appreciate instagram cover photos
 mslater Dec 31, 7:42 PM
 an Dec 31, 7:41 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 7:41 PM
oooo yeah..:/
 jean Dec 31, 7:41 PM
 liz Dec 31, 7:40 PM
@Jean: you're so right about biodegradable stuff πŸ˜”
 liz Dec 31, 7:35 PM
if gyms are allowed in 2021...
 liz Dec 31, 7:34 PM
so smart!
 jean Dec 31, 7:34 PM
i can't believe that doesn't exist
 jean Dec 31, 7:34 PM
@mslater nike gym!!
 jean Dec 31, 7:32 PM
liz cleared some space in the upper left corner so you can put new stickies there, which i think is smart
 jean Dec 31, 7:30 PM
@an it's right under "guidelines"!
 an Dec 31, 7:30 PM
i cant find the yoga with adrienne post
 jean Dec 31, 7:29 PM
hopefully the adhesive doesn't dry up
 liz Dec 31, 7:29 PM
just tidying up!
 jean Dec 31, 7:29 PM
liz is doing some major sticky reorganization rn
 jean Dec 31, 7:29 PM
same ^^
 devan Dec 31, 7:28 PM
tbh I will watch the chani nicholas netflix show
 liz Dec 31, 7:27 PM
@Bea: I'm already mad about Lori Lightfoot going on Ellen, and it hasn't even happened (yet)
 madeline Dec 31, 7:27 PM
 jean Dec 31, 7:26 PM
now that i've seen @liz's sticky i can't believe yoga adriene isn't already canceled
 jean Dec 31, 7:25 PM
she will be a girl boss resistance hero for 5 minutes until everyone remembers she's bad
 jean Dec 31, 7:25 PM
omg @an yes
 an Dec 31, 7:25 PM
@jean: will melania get on teh cover of vogue if she divorces trump?
 liz Dec 31, 7:24 PM
 an Dec 31, 7:23 PM
riffing on fenty supplements, i feel like naomi cambell will release vitamin line
 liz Dec 31, 7:22 PM
omg Fenty supplements!
 mslater Dec 31, 7:22 PM
thought of u devan :)
 devan Dec 31, 7:21 PM
corn milk sounds pretty good honestly
 jean Dec 31, 7:20 PM
just a heads up to everyone that i can change your color if you want me to! just text me with the hex code for the color you want, it won't update until you refresh but it might make things easier for you
 jean Dec 31, 7:20 PM
@an good both ways :)
 an Dec 31, 7:20 PM
well i edited it.
 jean Dec 31, 7:19 PM
@an i thought your post was perfectly understandable i just loved that kalil didn't get it
 liz Dec 31, 7:18 PM
she won't realize or release it
 liz Dec 31, 7:18 PM
I like realize!
 an Dec 31, 7:17 PM
omg lol sorry i meant release, not realize for the rihanna prediction. will repost
 an Dec 31, 7:17 PM
 liz Dec 31, 7:16 PM
just queer-baiting?
 liz Dec 31, 7:16 PM
an, you think Aubrey is str8?
 jean Dec 31, 7:16 PM
 jean Dec 31, 7:16 PM
apparently i am not spelling rhianna's name right
 an Dec 31, 7:15 PM
i think they are both like.. very straight
 jean Dec 31, 7:15 PM
just want to spotlight a good offline comment from kalil "rhianna doesn't realize her album what?"
 liz Dec 31, 7:15 PM
she and Aubrey Plaza can date
 liz Dec 31, 7:15 PM
maybe Natasha will finally date a woman in 2021
 devan Dec 31, 7:14 PM
heather I needed the perfect brand to complete that prediction so ty for providing
 heather Dec 31, 7:14 PM
literally how isnt she gay
 liz Dec 31, 7:14 PM
Heather, yes!!! they are "partners"
 heather Dec 31, 7:14 PM
@Devan tysm for this Luber riff i salute u
 heather Dec 31, 7:14 PM
late to the game..............natasha lyonne and fred armisen are DATING???
 an Dec 31, 7:14 PM
i feel like brad already owns a farm?
 mslater Dec 31, 7:13 PM
lol i would believe
 jean Dec 31, 7:13 PM
doesn't jen aniston have one?
 madeline Dec 31, 7:13 PM
cuffing szn is over
 jean Dec 31, 7:13 PM
brad pitt farm is sooo real
 liz Dec 31, 7:13 PM
so true
 jean Dec 31, 7:13 PM
2020 was the year of monogamy so 2021 must be the year of breakups
 bea Dec 31, 7:13 PM
 liz Dec 31, 7:12 PM
I don't think Aubrey has ever publicly said anything about her identity
 bea Dec 31, 7:12 PM
lotta breakups predicted in 2020 :o
 liz Dec 31, 7:12 PM
she's just really into "natural" stuff
 devan Dec 31, 7:12 PM
even though she's the only one who went to college but she's actually the dumbest!!
 jean Dec 31, 7:12 PM
@devan it's really a no brainer once you know the lore
 anemone Dec 31, 7:12 PM
Wait wait wait, Aubrey plaza is putatively straight???
 liz Dec 31, 7:12 PM
are they playing with you?
 liz Dec 31, 7:11 PM
 devan Dec 31, 7:11 PM
just explained at length to my entire family why Kanye and Kourtney are the most likely to come out as anti-vax
 liz Dec 31, 7:10 PM
I know :( I think people are gonna get really into knitting this winter!
 jean Dec 31, 7:10 PM
too real :(
 madeline Dec 31, 7:10 PM
yarn shortage-noooo
 jean Dec 31, 7:09 PM
 mslater Dec 31, 7:09 PM
omg jean !!!
 liz Dec 31, 7:08 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 7:08 PM
 jean Dec 31, 7:08 PM
@mslater nike vaccine campaign "just take it"
 liz Dec 31, 7:06 PM
from the Proud Boys...
 liz Dec 31, 7:06 PM
 jean Dec 31, 7:06 PM
someone has to protect the park
 devan Dec 31, 7:06 PM
yes! they have stayed strong and continued to fight the good (foam) fight
 jean Dec 31, 7:05 PM
have they kept going thru the pandemic?
 liz Dec 31, 7:05 PM
M's are so good!
 liz Dec 31, 7:05 PM
 devan Dec 31, 7:05 PM
I'd just like to say that I think Clark Park LARPer scabies outbreak is a great prediction but I think it's also probably already happened
 liz Dec 31, 7:05 PM
oh :(
 an Dec 31, 7:05 PM
i think they got me too'd
 liz Dec 31, 7:04 PM
what is ezra miller up to these days?
 jean Dec 31, 7:04 PM
wow yes
 an Dec 31, 7:04 PM
omg wait! itll be ezra miller
 liz Dec 31, 7:02 PM
also true
 madeline Dec 31, 7:02 PM
 liz Dec 31, 7:02 PM
 an Dec 31, 7:02 PM
timothee chalamet ?
 liz Dec 31, 7:02 PM
wow so true
 mslater Dec 31, 7:02 PM
 jean Dec 31, 7:02 PM
eddie redmayne :(
 liz Dec 31, 7:02 PM
who would play oscar wilde??
 liz Dec 31, 7:01 PM
so good
 mslater Dec 31, 7:01 PM
omg oscar wilde bio pic !
 jean Dec 31, 7:01 PM
hi zoe!!
 liz Dec 31, 7:01 PM
 zoe Dec 31, 7:01 PM
i love the disco feature wow
 liz Dec 31, 7:00 PM
and then it's just vaccine PSA's
 devan Dec 31, 7:00 PM
omfg Liz
 liz Dec 31, 7:00 PM
Fauci OnlyFans??
 kalil Dec 31, 7:00 PM
we don't know if it's big... yet
 jean Dec 31, 6:59 PM
big tone
 kalil Dec 31, 6:59 PM
 liz Dec 31, 6:59 PM
Tony Fauci sexts!!!
 liz Dec 31, 6:58 PM
 kalil Dec 31, 6:58 PM
 jean Dec 31, 6:58 PM
 devan Dec 31, 6:58 PM
Someone hacked her wife's bank account from the international space station!
 jean Dec 31, 6:58 PM
devan and m entered the game with a huge stack of takes
 mslater Dec 31, 6:58 PM
 mslater Dec 31, 6:58 PM
tru! he's going to take over for that guy who was fired for cheating
 liz Dec 31, 6:58 PM
Justin has to make his own bc he had a fallout with the founder of his former megachurch!
 bea Dec 31, 6:57 PM
bieber megachurch πŸ˜‚
 jean Dec 31, 6:56 PM
wait..... what was the first lesbian space crime????
 jean Dec 31, 6:54 PM
thanks kalil :)
 madeline Dec 31, 6:54 PM
so true @jean
 kalil Dec 31, 6:53 PM
wow great predictions everyone!!
 jean Dec 31, 6:53 PM
parker posey will lead the push for the onlyfans union
 bea Dec 31, 6:53 PM
 liz Dec 31, 6:53 PM
I love that
 liz Dec 31, 6:52 PM
 mslater Dec 31, 6:52 PM
@Liz, learned yesterday my mom loves billie eilish
 heather Dec 31, 6:52 PM
wow i am beaming
 heather Dec 31, 6:52 PM
hi bea!!!
 madeline Dec 31, 6:52 PM
 mslater Dec 31, 6:52 PM
luber !!
 jean Dec 31, 6:51 PM
luber is killing us
 liz Dec 31, 6:51 PM
 jean Dec 31, 6:51 PM
hi heath :)
 heather Dec 31, 6:51 PM
hi everyone :-)
 heather Dec 31, 6:51 PM
 liz Dec 31, 6:50 PM
 an Dec 31, 6:49 PM
accessory micro-trend feels very in response to ugg x telfar, which if you didnt already know about.. youre welcome
 an Dec 31, 6:46 PM
lol, iconic collabs tho
 jean Dec 31, 6:46 PM
 mslater Dec 31, 6:46 PM
got my boxes mixed up !
 mslater Dec 31, 6:46 PM
oops lol
 mslater Dec 31, 6:46 PM
Balenciaga X Fruit of the Loom Gucci X Hanes
 jean Dec 31, 6:45 PM
heather enter the CHAT
 mslater Dec 31, 6:45 PM
heatherrrr *crying emoji* amazing opener
 liz Dec 31, 6:45 PM
I want a fleece handbag
 jean Dec 31, 6:45 PM
@heather struggling to see this in mike pence but i appreciate the ambitiousness
 an Dec 31, 6:44 PM
accessories microtrend is gold
 madeline Dec 31, 6:44 PM
same :') 2022 <3
 jean Dec 31, 6:44 PM
hi heather!!
 mslater Dec 31, 6:43 PM
:-))))) ty !!
 liz Dec 31, 6:43 PM
aw, I wish we could all be together so you guys could all actually meet!
 madeline Dec 31, 6:43 PM
OMG i love this prediction @M
 an Dec 31, 6:42 PM
will the lil nas x game be like KKs?
 an Dec 31, 6:42 PM
 liz Dec 31, 6:42 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 6:42 PM
produced by t swift
 liz Dec 31, 6:41 PM
oooh, Cats II is good!
 jean Dec 31, 6:41 PM
unlike the stickies and the chat disco mode only shows on your screen so feel free to go wild
 madeline Dec 31, 6:40 PM
i love disco mode
 madeline Dec 31, 6:40 PM
i didn't want to ruin a big reveal 0:)
 madeline Dec 31, 6:40 PM
 liz Dec 31, 6:40 PM
click to find out >:)
 jean Dec 31, 6:40 PM
@mad try activating it!
 madeline Dec 31, 6:39 PM
@jean- what is disco mode?!
 liz Dec 31, 6:39 PM
 an Dec 31, 6:38 PM
it still blows my mind that anti came out in 2016!
 liz Dec 31, 6:38 PM
rihanna has been promising an album for years!
 an Dec 31, 6:38 PM
it was supposed to come out in like 2019
 liz Dec 31, 6:37 PM
I had to google lamΓ© lol. I always forget what it is!
 jean Dec 31, 6:37 PM
does rhianna have an album in the works??
 madeline Dec 31, 6:35 PM
probably not..
 an Dec 31, 6:35 PM
def not
 jean Dec 31, 6:35 PM
i just think about meat every time i say "google meet" for my job
 madeline Dec 31, 6:35 PM
oh wait- are google and amazon not friends like that
 jean Dec 31, 6:35 PM
@liz jinxxx
 an Dec 31, 6:35 PM
yeah, that one i dont.. understand
 madeline Dec 31, 6:35 PM
haha will it be in stores?? only on amazon?
 jean Dec 31, 6:35 PM
maybe lab-grown?
 liz Dec 31, 6:35 PM
lab grown meat?
 jean Dec 31, 6:34 PM
@mad meat..... by google
 madeline Dec 31, 6:34 PM
 liz Dec 31, 6:34 PM
Pippy's braids will be CGI
 madeline Dec 31, 6:34 PM
@jean- i would love to hear more about google meat
 liz Dec 31, 6:34 PM
she's gotta find a way to stay relevant!
 jean Dec 31, 6:34 PM
i wonder if pippy will be fully live action or some sort of creepy live-ish CGI
 jean Dec 31, 6:34 PM
@liz yes!
 madeline Dec 31, 6:34 PM
LOL omg...
 liz Dec 31, 6:33 PM
and then she can write a feminist tell-all book about their relationship
 madeline Dec 31, 6:33 PM
i am cracking up at Pippy
 madeline Dec 31, 6:33 PM
2021 is it baby
 liz Dec 31, 6:33 PM
yesss, so good
 jean Dec 31, 6:33 PM
truly been waiting on that hill & bill divorce for 20 years now
 liz Dec 31, 6:32 PM
 madeline Dec 31, 6:31 PM
these are so good
 madeline Dec 31, 6:31 PM
hi friends :)
 liz Dec 31, 6:31 PM
mad, hello!!
 an Dec 31, 6:31 PM
 jean Dec 31, 6:30 PM
hi mad!!
 jean Dec 31, 6:30 PM
just fired my QA team
 madeline Dec 31, 6:30 PM
hiiiiiii :)
 an Dec 31, 6:30 PM
sorry, realized you asked to text with problems
 jean Dec 31, 6:30 PM
good catch!!
 jean Dec 31, 6:30 PM
omg lmao
 an Dec 31, 6:30 PM
Jean, i just noticed the date is wrong on this chat.. not sure that matters, but idk how you wanted to archive this
 jean Dec 31, 6:30 PM
celebs love them
 jean Dec 31, 6:30 PM
realtors.... :(
 liz Dec 31, 6:30 PM
they just got engaged like a week or so ago
 liz Dec 31, 6:29 PM
 an Dec 31, 6:29 PM
hes not famous, he is a realtor in california with a private instagram account
 liz Dec 31, 6:29 PM
he's not really famous! I think he does real estate?
 jean Dec 31, 6:29 PM
i googled it and the first result is an article titled "who is dalton gomez"
 jean Dec 31, 6:29 PM
i'll be honest i had never heard of dalton gomez
 an Dec 31, 6:29 PM
for sure, 100%
 liz Dec 31, 6:25 PM
an, do you think Ariana and her fiance will make it down the aisle?
 liz Dec 31, 6:23 PM
M, this year it's for real!
 liz Dec 31, 6:23 PM
also, the UO liquor! I could see them doing trendy non-alc drinks too
 mslater Dec 31, 6:23 PM
omg liz the kimye divorce... predicted every year !!
 jean Dec 31, 6:21 PM
don't be alarmed if you see a popup saying you've been disconnected!
 an Dec 31, 6:21 PM
the walter mercado film on netflix helped gauge interest base witchy viewers
 jean Dec 31, 6:21 PM
i'm going to push a quick change to the site to restrict the chat window width
 liz Dec 31, 6:20 PM
yes, that's so good!
 an Dec 31, 6:20 PM
omg, chani nicholas netflix.. for sure !
 mslater Dec 31, 6:20 PM
lolol thanks liz!
 an Dec 31, 6:19 PM
i stan pippy
 jean Dec 31, 6:18 PM
pippy longstocking live action is giving me dread just thinking about it
 liz Dec 31, 6:18 PM
which reminds me of my alt milk prediction...
 liz Dec 31, 6:17 PM
wow, corn milk!
 liz Dec 31, 6:17 PM
 an Dec 31, 6:17 PM
oops.. wrong box.. lol
 an Dec 31, 6:17 PM
Pippy Longstocking live action movie announced for 2022
 an Dec 31, 6:16 PM
Same ^^
 liz Dec 31, 6:15 PM
M, I love your Teen Vogue prediction
 an Dec 31, 6:13 PM
next pandemic new years prediction party
 mslater Dec 31, 6:13 PM
love the mitski concert
 an Dec 31, 6:13 PM
its almost too poetic for him to die before Elizabeth but it is almost certain
 jean Dec 31, 6:13 PM
i should have added emoji reactions to predictions tbh
 liz Dec 31, 6:13 PM
oat beer!!
 liz Dec 31, 6:12 PM
M!!! hello!!!
 liz Dec 31, 6:12 PM
he will def die before Elizabeth
 jean Dec 31, 6:12 PM
hi m!!!
 mslater Dec 31, 6:12 PM
 jean Dec 31, 6:12 PM
prince charles death is near certain
 liz Dec 31, 6:12 PM
an!!! I think you're right about Prince Charles lol
 liz Dec 31, 6:09 PM
yes! I feel like the 1920's flapper brows are coming back!
 an Dec 31, 6:08 PM
no worries :) .. liz, love a thin eye brow .. its happening
 jean Dec 31, 6:08 PM
parker posey.... im dead
 jean Dec 31, 6:07 PM
not directly :(
 an Dec 31, 6:07 PM
are we able to comment on predictions?
 jean Dec 31, 6:00 PM
hi all! welcome to predictions 2021 :)
jean: "biodegradable" products revealed to be completely fake
liz: Kendall Jenner dates Paris Jackson
bea: Cuomo lands a half hour Netflix family sitcom
mslater: Instagram cover photos
liz: Kourtney Kardashian and Kanye come out as anti-vax
mslater: fashion trend: tromp l'oeil prints
mslater: teenvogue special socialist 'manifesto' issue
anemone: 2nd lesbian space crime
mslater: brad pitt starts a farm
mslater: shawn mendes / camilla cabello engagement
an: Prince Charles will die
an: Park theater is BIG this summer & gets NYT write-up about growing thespian groups on east coast
an: Parker Posey OnlyFans
liz: yarn shortage
an: Rihanna doesn't release her album
jean: houseplant shortage
an: hailey baldwin and justin beiber have religious awakening in India, enter open relationship
devan: Ben Afflek and Ana de Armas have twins
jean: mitski fortnite concert
liz: Billie Eilish stars in a major motion picture
an: oscar wilde bio pic
liz: tragic SpaceX accident
an: ariana grande and dalton gomez get divorced
devan: First solo art show by X AE A-12
liz: Cardi B baby #2
mslater: Bread machine trend
devan: Anthony Fauci sexting scandal
mslater: micro-trend: charm bracelets and necklaces
kalil: Amazon launches a lit mag
bea: Sasha Obama tell-all memoir
jean: google meat
heather: Mike Pence comes out as nonbinary
an: Justin Bieber releases a mixtape
an: Pippy Longstocking live action movie announced for 2022
liz: Kimye divorce/permanently separate
liz: Jojo Siwa finally rebrands
bella: fergie dies
bea: Lori Lightfoot goes on Ellen
liz: Adriene of "Yoga with Adriene" gets canceled πŸ˜”
liz: Elon Musk & Grimes breakup
mslater: Nike brand pharmacy
liz: newly single Olivia Wilde has a public fling with a celesbian
an: LamΓ© comeback
liz: Kardashians face backlash for getting early access to Covid vaccine
liz: thin eyebrows come back in earnest
bea: Algorithmically generated grocery lists
anemone: Clark Park LARPer scabies outbreak
liz: cannellini bean milk
mslater: Nike Training Club opens a brick and mortar gym
jean: linkedin adds stories
an: myspace reboot
bea: Dragon Tales Tik Tok AR remake
devan: McMansions are back
mslater: lil nas x makes a video game
mslater: urban outfitters launches online store for trendy-looking liquor & wine
bea: Instagram CSA trend grows
bea: OnlyFans union
liz: Jordan Peele announces remake of "Gaslight" (1944) (it's bad....)
devan: JVN fined by the FTC for failure to disclose iconic brand collab with Luber
anemone: Pornhub buys Groupon
bea: Chocolate is cancelled
heather: Lyft & Uber forced to consolidate; form Luber
jean: trump and melania divorce
devan: Justin Bieber founds mega church
liz: Alison Roman comeback tour
mslater: Fenty supplements
jean: feminist birding blows up
mslater: corn milk trending
liz: Miley Cyrus gets engaged to a woman
liz: Natasha Lyonne & Fred Armisen split up
liz: Aubrey Plaza officially comes out as bi
mslater: Balenciaga X Fruit of the Loom
bea: Hobby trend: archery and home bow construction kits
mslater: Oat beer trending
mslater: Last riverdale season announced (plz)
mslater: Chani nicholas Netflix show
madeline: Cats II
liz: Tiffany "New York" Pollard announces pregnancy
liz: Lent gets trendy among "spiritual" wellness influencers (40-day cleanse!)
madeline: Hillary & Bill get divorced (stating irreconcilable differences)
amber: Netflix to produce State of the Union
mslater: brick and mortar 'emotional fitness' gyms
amber: coworking spaces taken over by squatters now that everyone works from home
zoe: Meat seltzer
an: lori lightfoot announces she wont be running for reelection
emily: emily: gritty gullivans island reboot
eli: Bowling balls become illegal
emily: emily: thinkpieces about the virtues of traditional tv, streaming is cancelled
amber: Google Health Insurance
amber: Instagram launches fashion magazine
mslater: 1,000,000 new 'concept' clothing boutiques
connie: animal crossing addresses food supply chain issues (i.e. what happened with the enoki mushroom recall...)
mslater: Will and Jaden start alt Red Table Talk for "men" (blue chair?)
bess: CTU strike January 4
zoe: roller skating in summer olympics xoxo denali
bea: Advertising campaign to make predictive policing sexy a la Minority Report
liz: Trump flees the country
zoe: Giunea pig pet trend (Nico)
liz: Twilight spin-off TV series
an: the wachowski sisters get stars on teh hollywood walk of fame
mslater: dusen dusen ikea collab
bella: meredith grey dies of covid-19 in the series finale of shondaland's iconic medical drama grey's anatomy
an: elon musk and grimes have twins
mslater: parable of the sower adapted into netflix series
amber: CBD subscription start-up
liz: Pope Francis decides abortion is fine, actually
an: megan thee stallion has baby
bella: subway debuts their contender in the great crispy chicken sandwich wars
mslater: tinder video chatting
liz: Tiffany Trump gets a reality show, but it flops
zoe: Vitamins tailored to your zodiac sign (Meg)
liz: March for Life 2021 becomes major super spreader event
bella: john krasinski retires from acting to enroll in the police academy
bess: Chrissy Teigen for William Sonoma
bella: basketweaving craze
an: ru paul finally gets cancelled
heather: CPAP masks as new silicon valley body optimization tool for hyperoxygenation
heather: massive uptick in non-alcoholic beer consumption
amber: AOC backlash
amber: Brene Brown launches a television network
amber: mass Peleton equipment recall
jean: spy kids remake
connie: air fryers a source of radioactivity
kalil: recreational trepanation gets big
zoe: Spicy seltzer (habanero)
mslater: e-funeral start-ups
zoe: Baron Trump gets a podcast (Nico)
bess: Shonda only does period pieces now. (PLEASE)
an: amazon Rx pharmacy
connie: Peloton founder John Foley comes out as scientologist
bess: Chance the Rapper wins Among Us tournament
zoe: Acro yoga with pets trends on tiktok (Denali)
mslater: kardashian rosΓ© line (does it already exist?)
mslater: Glossier seltzer and/or juice
eli: Squatty Potty unveils custom embroidered #2 thrones
eli: Nick Cage OnlyFans
bella: unprecidented wave of celebrities coming out as trans, including willem defoe
madeline: Lou Sullivan bio pic :)
an: CPAC gets passed in Chicago
zoe: Real world re-make folows finding compatible COVID pods (Nico)
eli: Kanye goes to space
connie: acid toner recall
bella: disney bankrupt
zoe: Retainers are IN. ASOS comes out with a line (Denali)
mslater: micro-trend: accessories made out of loungewear materials (fleece handbags, terry cloth totes, knitted floppy hats, etc)
zoe: Poppers shortage 2021/22 (Nico)
liz: School of Rock sequel
amber: Bon Appetit makes the McRib
an: adrienne marie brown appears in background of lizzo music video
liz: Ella Emhoff (Kamala's step daughter) becomes Glossier model
jean: veggie tales remake
emily: emily: scotland, california, and quebec independence referendums successful
zoe: All Salt Lake City High Schools become permanently virtual (Nico)
emily: emily: biden cabinet member floats idea of selling naming rights to white house to fix deficit
emily: emily: therapy is problematic again