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 hannah Jan 1, 12:17 AM
Happy new year Chicago to my Chicago friends who I love so much and the ones I havenโ€™t met yet too!!!!

 jean Jan 1, 12:11 AM
happy new year! lots of fireworks in pilsen ๐Ÿงจ๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ‰

 haru Jan 1, 12:07 AM
Happy New Year! enjoy the fireworks if you can hear 'em

 liz Dec 31, 11:00 PM
happy new year, Philly friends!

 jean Dec 31, 11:00 PM
happy new year to everyone on the east coast!! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

 jean Dec 31, 10:26 PM
wow true

 liz Dec 31, 10:26 PM

 liz Dec 31, 10:18 PM

 jean Dec 31, 10:17 PM
i'm hoping for a head shave

 liz Dec 31, 10:14 PM

 liz Dec 31, 10:07 PM
yes, misha! and dissolved lip fillers

 misha Dec 31, 10:06 PM
right?? all we have is the one season of are you the one

 liz Dec 31, 10:06 PM
more bisexual dating shows!

 mslater Dec 31, 10:04 PM
@amber i'm so honored ๐Ÿฅบ

 liz Dec 31, 10:03 PM
little balloon dog jibbitz ๐Ÿ˜‚

 amber Dec 31, 10:02 PM
LOL m thatโ€™s my fave so far

 liz Dec 31, 9:54 PM
so true, M ๐Ÿ˜‚

 liz Dec 31, 9:51 PM

 liz Dec 31, 9:49 PM

 liz Dec 31, 9:49 PM
self-driving shoes like heelys?

 haru Dec 31, 9:45 PM
inter-stellar super-spreader

 liz Dec 31, 9:45 PM

 liz Dec 31, 9:44 PM
cruise ship to mars is a super spreader event

 jean Dec 31, 9:43 PM

 haru Dec 31, 9:43 PM
let's keep this bad tech train rolling

 jean Dec 31, 9:42 PM
wow soo good

 connie Dec 31, 9:37 PM
just say it, armie

 jean Dec 31, 9:36 PM
hi hannah!

 jean Dec 31, 9:36 PM
tooo real

 liz Dec 31, 9:35 PM

 liz Dec 31, 9:35 PM
hiiii <3

 hannah Dec 31, 9:35 PM
Hi everybody <33333

 liz Dec 31, 9:33 PM

 liz Dec 31, 9:32 PM

 jean Dec 31, 9:28 PM
oops sorry i just added connie too lol! one more refresh!

 angel Dec 31, 9:24 PM
hi hannah! <3 angel meg and nico

 liz Dec 31, 9:23 PM
hi hannah!!

 jean Dec 31, 9:23 PM
just added hannah, i would recommend another refresh!

 mslater Dec 31, 9:22 PM
OMG @angel

 liz Dec 31, 9:21 PM
Lindsay Lohan is gonna be in a new romcom!

 angel Dec 31, 9:19 PM
what's the next virtue signaling yard sign?

 liz Dec 31, 9:19 PM
yes, we need more Megan Thee Stallion predictions!

 liz Dec 31, 9:14 PM

 liz Dec 31, 9:11 PM
Biden unequivocally supports the metrosexual community

 angel Dec 31, 9:10 PM
metrosexual rights now!!

 haru Dec 31, 9:10 PM

 jean Dec 31, 9:02 PM
my fault for making that possible lol

 jean Dec 31, 9:02 PM

 liz Dec 31, 9:01 PM
I know ๐Ÿ˜”

 amber Dec 31, 9:00 PM
Look Iโ€™m not saying I want it to happen

 angel Dec 31, 9:00 PM
oh shit

 liz Dec 31, 9:00 PM
oh no, amber!!

 jean Dec 31, 9:00 PM

 amber Dec 31, 9:00 PM
Thimothee chalamet earns Oscar nom for playing trans woman in big budget drama

 jean Dec 31, 8:59 PM
that's a great conspiracy theory

 jean Dec 31, 8:57 PM
i want the skin potato too

 haru Dec 31, 8:57 PM
skin potato sounds kinda good?

 angel Dec 31, 8:57 PM
lol *same

 angel Dec 31, 8:57 PM
saaaaaaam bea (this is meg)

 bea Dec 31, 8:55 PM
i would like to read your food trends column angel

 angel Dec 31, 8:52 PM

 jean Dec 31, 8:51 PM
i say cancel standard time tbh

 angel Dec 31, 8:49 PM
right? danger in the home

 liz Dec 31, 8:49 PM

 liz Dec 31, 8:48 PM
ooh, I can def see stained glass overtaking the rug tufting trend

 angel Dec 31, 8:44 PM
(more explicitly than Citizen)

 haru Dec 31, 8:41 PM
pee is the staff of life

 haru Dec 31, 8:41 PM
hasn't anyone seen Dune?

 bea Dec 31, 8:41 PM
water conservation!

 wendy Dec 31, 8:41 PM
how is this new tho

 liz Dec 31, 8:40 PM
human pee, or animal pee?

 bea Dec 31, 8:40 PM
oh no

 amber Dec 31, 8:40 PM
Pee facials

 amber Dec 31, 8:40 PM
Lol omg what if per becomes a beauty product

 heather Dec 31, 8:38 PM
hello!!! <3

 liz Dec 31, 8:37 PM
you're right amber - I guess I'm just thinking wellness influencers are gonna start talking a lot more about pee in general

 liz Dec 31, 8:37 PM
hi amber, hi heather!!

 jean Dec 31, 8:36 PM
amber -- so true

 jean Dec 31, 8:36 PM
i can see it in the stars

 heather Dec 31, 8:35 PM
Big Astrology has something bad coming

 amber Dec 31, 8:35 PM
Liz I hate to break it to you but lots of wellness trends are just diuretics and laxatives in convincing packaging

 jean Dec 31, 8:35 PM
omg heather... so real

 amber Dec 31, 8:34 PM
These are some good predictions!!

 jean Dec 31, 8:33 PM
hi amber!!

 amber Dec 31, 8:33 PM
Hi :)

 jean Dec 31, 8:31 PM
ooh i hope so bea

 jean Dec 31, 8:31 PM
courtney cobbs has started silly stringing cars parked in the clark st bike lane, i could see that taking off as a trend

 haru Dec 31, 8:30 PM

 jean Dec 31, 8:29 PM
i would bet maybe 20

 jean Dec 31, 8:29 PM
but i think we will not get anywhere close to the 50 miles of new lanes lori promised by 2023

 jean Dec 31, 8:29 PM
i think the city will reinstate the part of the halsted lane that they took out and gave to an amazon turn lane

 jean Dec 31, 8:27 PM
ooh good prompt

 haru Dec 31, 8:27 PM
jean any predictions for our bicycle infrastructure?

 angel Dec 31, 8:25 PM
gen z organizes massive school strike

 angel Dec 31, 8:22 PM

 haru Dec 31, 8:22 PM
beyond seltzer!!

 angel Dec 31, 8:20 PM
you guys these are so good

 liz Dec 31, 8:19 PM
hi meg!!

 angel Dec 31, 8:19 PM
hi hi this is meg i am here too <3 can't wait to catch up

 jean Dec 31, 8:16 PM
bye ellen!

 liz Dec 31, 8:15 PM
thanks for playing, ellen!

 ellen Dec 31, 8:15 PM
gotta go play bananagrams with the fam but everyone here is intimidatingly funny and smart. good job everyone.

 ellen Dec 31, 8:13 PM
Good one

 ellen Dec 31, 8:12 PM
^^I was thinking this!! yes

 bea Dec 31, 8:12 PM
very dfw dystopia, shelby

 jean Dec 31, 8:12 PM

 ellen Dec 31, 8:11 PM
More starbucks unions :)

 haru Dec 31, 8:09 PM
xoxo golden girls

 liz Dec 31, 8:09 PM
ooh yes, could definitely see a Golden Girls reboot! but yassified

 ellen Dec 31, 8:04 PM
agree with this Jean!

 jean Dec 31, 8:02 PM
surprised awkwafina hasn't dropped the moniker yet tbh

 jean Dec 31, 8:01 PM
just made a change btw -- sometime in the next 10 mins you'll see a popup that says "The predictions websocket closed unexpectedly" -- this is fine, just reload the page!

 liz Dec 31, 8:01 PM
yes, Haru, agree re: Awkwafina

 liz Dec 31, 8:00 PM
ooh Misha, I think Ellis also predicted Demi would start HRT

 liz Dec 31, 7:59 PM
it can be a little dark!

 haru Dec 31, 7:58 PM
I neglected to read the guidelines re: dark subject matter!!

 angel Dec 31, 7:57 PM
- nico

 angel Dec 31, 7:57 PM
i want more elliot page predictions

 haru Dec 31, 7:57 PM
maybe Sean Penn whilst fighting a fire from his private helicopter

 liz Dec 31, 7:57 PM
I was just trying to think of an Elliot Page prediction, Angel!

 bea Dec 31, 7:56 PM
haru coming in dark!!!

 ellen Dec 31, 7:56 PM

 jean Dec 31, 7:55 PM
woahhh who's it gonna be haru

 jean Dec 31, 7:53 PM
oops sorry hillsong* lol

 jean Dec 31, 7:53 PM
earthsong is very suspicious too

 liz Dec 31, 7:53 PM
there's something dark going on with Chris Pratt for sure

 ellen Dec 31, 7:52 PM
oooh liz YES i believe this

 misha Dec 31, 7:51 PM
hehe oops

 misha Dec 31, 7:51 PM
secret drama between wachowski sisters revealed

 jean Dec 31, 7:51 PM
i just added a new user and realized it may break things for others if you don't refresh... oops! i recommend everyone refresh if you haven't recently

 ellen Dec 31, 7:50 PM

 liz Dec 31, 7:49 PM
I can see it

 angel Dec 31, 7:49 PM
i hope not !! could

 liz Dec 31, 7:49 PM
angel: oh no!

 misha Dec 31, 7:48 PM
catching up, beanies are fully back already fyi

 misha Dec 31, 7:46 PM
hehe hi (mars)

 liz Dec 31, 7:45 PM
hiii misha and mars!

 misha Dec 31, 7:44 PM
we're in! (misha and mars)

 ellen Dec 31, 7:43 PM
great point

 liz Dec 31, 7:43 PM
could see Phoebe on the Gossip Girl reboot

 liz Dec 31, 7:43 PM
ooh, yes, Ellen!

 jean Dec 31, 7:31 PM
i might also push a quick fix but that will boot you all off temporarily lol

 jean Dec 31, 7:31 PM
if it happens you can refresh the page to fix the chat history

 jean Dec 31, 7:31 PM
unfortunately it looks like there's a bug that is sometimes causing chat messages to appear duplicated... sorry about that!!

 liz Dec 31, 7:30 PM
yes, M, agree about Billie Eilish!

 eli Dec 31, 7:29 PM
poster boy

 eli Dec 31, 7:29 PM
I'm #1 in line for fenty chaps tbh

 liz Dec 31, 7:27 PM

 bea Dec 31, 7:25 PM
real smoll jurassic park ๐Ÿ˜ณ

 jean Dec 31, 7:18 PM
hi angel!! excited for mail order botox

 angel Dec 31, 7:18 PM
hi >:)) nico and i thinking hard over here

 mslater Dec 31, 7:16 PM
OMG yes underwear!!!

 liz Dec 31, 7:15 PM
Tomboy X collabs with Lil Nas X?

 eli Dec 31, 7:15 PM
tbh if beanie babies come back, I'll make a fortune

 liz Dec 31, 7:15 PM
or both!

 liz Dec 31, 7:15 PM
oooh M, yes

 ellis Dec 31, 7:15 PM
M ORRR lil nas x underwear?

 jean Dec 31, 7:15 PM
yeah i like the idea of expanding the scope out a bit

 ellis Dec 31, 7:14 PM
jean: maybe it's "queen e dies, bringing an end to the monarchy"?

 devan Dec 31, 7:13 PM
Wow bea I have another prediction that rly goes along with yours

 jean Dec 31, 7:13 PM
i'm wondering if predicting the queen's death too easy slash too real

 ellis Dec 31, 7:13 PM
kourtney & travis cooking show only available on only fans

 devan Dec 31, 7:13 PM
kourtney & travis use same surrogate as kim

 mschlotterbeck Dec 31, 7:12 PM
i would watch that pete davidson tape

 ellis Dec 31, 7:12 PM
haha nooooo

 eli Dec 31, 7:12 PM
id watch tbh

 jean Dec 31, 7:12 PM
bea said "he's still alive??"

 liz Dec 31, 7:12 PM

 eli Dec 31, 7:10 PM
hold on isnt savory tea just broth?

 liz Dec 31, 7:09 PM
M, I like your vision for a pete davidson queer era

 liz Dec 31, 7:09 PM

 mschlotterbeck Dec 31, 7:08 PM
lollll vape shortage

 liz Dec 31, 7:08 PM
ooh, I can def see Grimes using they/them pronouns

 liz Dec 31, 7:06 PM
wow, Ellis, love both your KP and Demi predictions!

 devan Dec 31, 7:05 PM
Amazon suddenly closes all Whole Foods locations

 mslater Dec 31, 7:05 PM
I think a drama!

 liz Dec 31, 7:04 PM
M, do you think the Ariana Grande show will be a reality/talk show, or like a drama?

 devan Dec 31, 7:04 PM
two Ms in the chat

 ellis Dec 31, 7:04 PM
OMG queer eye/birthright collab THIS IS KILLING ME^

 liz Dec 31, 7:03 PM

 jean Dec 31, 7:03 PM
hi hi hi!!

 liz Dec 31, 7:03 PM
wow Devan, definitely can see Queer Eye going to Israel!

 mslater Dec 31, 7:03 PM

 devan Dec 31, 7:02 PM
Savory tea is definitely gonna happen Bea I saw it on tiktok!

 liz Dec 31, 7:02 PM
fenty chaps is good!

 mschlotterbeck Dec 31, 7:01 PM
hiiiii thanks for letting me come!

 ellis Dec 31, 7:01 PM
this is v cute

 ellis Dec 31, 7:01 PM
hiiii babes!

 jean Dec 31, 7:01 PM
wow hi ellis and m :)

 jean Dec 31, 6:10 PM
looks good! we'll start in 50 minutes <3

 jean Dec 31, 6:06 PM
testing testing... is this thing on?

eli: Betty White prankes us all tomorrow with a post on IG with only a cool "sup fuckers"
mschlotterbeck: beanie babies are back
angel: new covid variant detected at the winter olympics (nico)
ellis: fenty chaps
eli: kourtney/travis's baby comes out fully tatted
mschlotterbeck: captain planet liveaction remake
liz: vape shortage
angel: one of the jolie-pitt children releases a tell-all memoir
ellis: muppets covid special
eli: pete davidson solo sex tape available to subscribers everywhere
ellis: adele does something that actually makes people mad
angel: elliot page opens a gym
jean: ikea city
liz: Lori Lightfoot goes on Joe Rogan's show
devan: Bob Dylan sex tape
misha: mars: pride flag for straight men who only date queer women
misha: mars: azealia banks fully un-cancelled
liz: we learn that Betty White had a secret lesbian lover for the past few decades
wendy: pete davidson dates cdc director rochelle wolensky
ellis: tiktok trend: at-home circus
devan: Kabbalah makes a comeback in Hollywood
mschlotterbeck: VR dating app
mslater: BTS invites Biden to their concert (in response to Liz's prediction)
ellen: Bennifer break up
wendy: marcy playground catch covid, can no longer smell sex and candy
misha: OTC ketamine
misha: secret drama between wachowski sisters revealed
liz: Bella Hadid comes out as queer
wendy: sleepy time caps are back in style (sean)
mschlotterbeck: bob dylan dies
liz: wellness trend: diuretics (so you can pee out more toxins)
bea: pete davidson converts to judaism
ellen: Phoebe Bridgers cameos in a TV show
wendy: a misguided millionaire makes jurassic park real, but smoll (sean)
haru: Nora Lum drops "Awkwafina" moniker permanently
mslater: Duck face photo pose is un-ironically back
liz: taxi cabs become more popular among young people as Uber & Lyft prices go up
eli: Amanda Gorman writes a novel, immediate best seller
jean: city ikea (like city target)
angel: folx or plume create a botox add-on
devan: New food delivery platform dedicated entirely to proprietary ghost kitchens
mschlotterbeck: pete davidson fling with sam smith
liz: KStew goes through with her wedding but is separated within the year
angel: thinx jockstrap
liz: Taco Bell commits to going fully meat-free by 2030
mslater: Ariana Grande gets netflix original show
wendy: betty white resurrection
wendy: surprising no one, britney does it again
ellen: Monica Aldama (of cheer) canceled
angel: first politician in an open throuple elected into congress
liz: the Obamas go vegan
angel: grow-your-own oyster kit
liz: Ellen Degeneres biopic
angel: Mina's World gets publicly canceled
mslater: Lil nas X make-up brand
ellis: ryan murphy and kamala become bffs
ellis: king princess comes out with a lip line (for futches) OR line of dickies
misha: demi and miley both start HRT
liz: Olivia Rodrigo stars in a romcom
angel: Philly's Bunny Hop is cancelled
ellis: facebook living wills
liz: Pete Buttigieg and Chasten breakup
eli: Botox for dogs
liz: Chris Pratt revealed to be in a fucked up sex cult
liz: Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker decide to have a baby together
devan: Johnny Doc flees Philadelphia before sentencing in February
ellis: demi lovato goes on lowdose T
liz: Elliot Page directs feature-length drama
mslater: billie eilish indirectly comes out as nonbinary
liz: Biden invites BTS to the White House
angel: white Chestnut Hill moms appropriate urban cowboy movement
liz: North West starts a makeup line for tweens
bea: food trend: savory tea
devan: robin diangelo abusive boss scandal a la ellen
devan: Queer Eye Birthright collab
wendy: trump joins onlyfans after all other social media accounts suspended -sean
hannah: Cruise ship to mars
angel: daylight savings cancelled
angel: summer 2022 toenail acrylics are IN
angel: chat roulette re-launch
angel: Police officers wear pronoun pins
liz: Biden mixes up the terms "bisexual" and "metrosexual"
wendy: next wave of covid sponsored by a corporation (eg "google variant") - shelby
angel: artificial stretch marks are trendy
mslater: tom holland and zendaya get cringey couples tattoos
angel: miniature ponies replace fancy pure bred dogs fancy trendy pet
angel: rhinestone pimple patches
wendy: nicki minaj's cousin's friend goes full pepe, becomes icon for the right
angel: Monsanto releases variety of corn that is already popped on the cobb
connie: 76ers win NBA championships
angel: Vigilante: gig economy policing app
devan: Elon Musk marries someone he's been dating for 2 months in wake of grimes breakup; Grimes starts using they/them pronouns
hannah: Tom Nook cancels all debts
angel: new covid variant boosts serotonin and oxytocin
mslater: Doja Cat takes hiatus from music, starts vlogging
bea: "norma rae" and "9 to 5" remakes
angel: revealed: suburban moms fiends for poppers
amber: Mayor Lori Lightfoot hot mic scandal
liz: Rihanna pregnancy for real
angel: Better Help union struggle
mslater: Megan thee stallion starts pop-up covid testing
angel: vegan meat flavored seltzer
haru: Bidets reach 50% market share
bea: divvy ebike hacking subculture
angel: sliquid releases body lotion
haru: Lightfoot caught up in "dibs" controversy
angel: James Webb space telescope hacked by aliens, becomes daily vlog
angel: anal training subscription box
ellen: More starbucks unions :)
angel: Vagrant coffee was milk&honey owners all along
angel: Custom cum-flavor-enhancing supplement subscription box (not just pineapple!)
angel: all street lights replaced with SAD lamps
wendy: golden girls reboot - shelby
angel: communal scream hour observed daily
angel: meat-flavored seltzer
hannah: We learn Jeff Bezos received a second vaccine dose in December 2019
mslater: Ring doorbell cameras get filters
heather: massive co-star data breach
ellen: Lori Lightfoot and tall librarian wife divorce. Daughter goes rogue on tiktok a la Claudia Conway.
angel: urban foragers bring squirrel meat to the mainstream
haru: Dua Lipa revealed to own sprawling real estate empire
connie: kristen stewart comes out as straight
mslater: Megan thee stallion X Vicks
angel: sliquid + glossier collab
angel: porta potty bidets
haru: Selena Gomez gets into theater with off-Broadway play.
angel: Monsanto releases potato that's all skin (all the way through)
angel: Taylor Swift and Elliot Page get together
angel: gen z organizes massive school strike
liz: Biden grows a beard
haru: Biden staffer featured in NYT "Vows" column.
mslater: BTS and Justin Bieber collab (justin sings in korean)
wendy: pete davidson dates chani nicholas
mslater: Christine Quinn is first person to own a cyber truck
hannah: Houseplants are out
hannah: Armie Hammer formally comes out as part of the cannibal community
haru: Joan Didion's will contains a scavenger hunt through the National Archives.
hannah: FaceTime hologram feature added to iOS
amber: anti-vax mob takes over an understaffed ER somewhere in rural America
hannah: Self-driving shoes
mslater: Lindsey lohan's goes back to acting and it's bad
liz: Kamala sustains mild injury trying to do a TikTok dance
mslater: covid breakout inside the love island 2022 villa
connie: adaptogen seltzers are just seltzers: it was you all along
haru: Aldi acquires Jewel-Osco
haru: Elon Musk shoots down James Webb telescope
liz: Billie Eilish makes acting debut
angel: Tuft the World switches to stained glass once tufting bubble bursts, becomes Stain the World
mslater: crocs x jeff koons
misha: bisexual love is blind season
misha: bbl reductions
mslater: olivia rodrigo drastic haircut
connie: double tabi
mslater: olivia rodrigo gets into a fender bender
connie: platform boat shoes :-/
connie: bamboo deforestation on the rise as plywood shortage continues